MG Motor Launches New Next-Gen Hector SUV with Autonomous Level 2 Technology in India


Today, MG Motor India unveiled the Next-Gen Hector, which features a slew of innovative new technologies, user-friendly features, and a comfortable driving experience. With even higher levels of safety and driving convenience, the Next-Gen Hector is designed to further enhance the driving experience.

An unparalleled driving and user experience are provided by the new SUV’s strikingly bold exterior, mesmerizing interior, advanced safety features, and elegant design elements. The intelligently designed seating options, plush interiors, and ample space of the Next-Gen Hector are available in configurations with 5, 6, and 7 seats.

MG Motor India President and Managing Director Rajeev Chaba expressed gratitude to their customers for the overwhelming response to the MG Hector since its 2019 debut. Hector provided the first experience with an online vehicle. Through its exterior, interior, and technology, the Next-Gen Hector elevates the MG Hector’s position.

It comes with the assurance of the company’s MG Shield program, which ensures that their customers will have a trouble-free and trouble-free ownership experience. Customers can test out the Next-Gen Hector for themselves at the 300 centers located throughout India.

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Additionally, the Next Generation MG Hector’s Smart Auto Turn Indicators provide a hassle-free and secure driving experience. The appropriate indicator light automatically turns on or off depending on the steering angle. When the driver forgets to turn on the indicator when entering the road from a parking space or making a U-turn, this automatic signal will come in handy.

The new SUV has a brand-new user interface and the largest 35.56-cm (14-inch) HD portrait infotainment system in India. The first-in-segment Digital Bluetooth Key and Key Sharing capability is another example of technological innovation. The Digital Key can be used to lock, unlock, start, and drive the vehicle in the event of an emergency or the loss of a key. The vehicle can be unlocked from any location using the Remote Lock / Unlock feature. One can share an additional key with up to two people using the key-sharing function.

In addition, the revolutionary i-SMART technology that combines hardware, software, connectivity, services, and applications for smarter, more pleasurable drives has given the Next-Gen Hector more than 75 connected features, including 100 voice commands.

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