Meta to Drop Human-Curated Facebook News Stories


After three years of first launching a curated news section for publishers, and Meta has confirmed that it is dropping the human-curated news, and will lean completely on algorithms for Facebook News in all the markets available.

Meta has introduced Facebook news back in 2019, starting initially to a small subset of users in the United States before expanding across the country, and also in the international markets starting with Germany, France, Australia, and UK.

Facebook news is a dedicated tab inside Facebook app that surfaces notable international and local news that is relevant to each market. However, most of the articles in Facebook news were already determined based on algorithms, and this section will also be determined by algorithms soon.

As per report, Meta is ending contract with Axel Springer, company owned by Upday that provided the workforce, which powered curated news in UK market. In a statement, a Meta spokesperson said that they are always evaluating their global partnerships based on the needs of user and products.

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The new changes will come into effect in the United Kingdom in early 2023. However, Meta confirmed that it will in fact be dropping human-curated stories in all the markets where Facebook News operates.