Meta Launches Virtual Reality Platform ‘Horizon Worlds’ in North America


In the vision of building a metaverse in the future, Meta, parent company of Facebook has now opened Horizon Worlds, virtual reality platform of the company for the people of North America, and according to a report, it has been an extension to the testing version of Horizon worlds that had been launched in 2020 by the company, in which only a limited number of users will be having the access.

The project had been launched in the countries including Canada and the United States on Thursday, 9th December 2021, and according to the report, it has not been a realised metaverse, where the people can interact as if they are doing face-to-face communication with the other person.

But the Horizon World has been allowing the users for gathering with their families and friends and also building their own worlds, along with playing games together. The only condition of the company is that, the user should be having the proper equipment and the user should be 18 years old and above.

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According to the report, Meta said, it is wanting that, the new project to be respectful and safe and the users of the platform must be following the Conduct of the company in the in the policy of Virtual Reality.

The company has changed its from Facebook to Meta for the purpose of laying the emphasis on the vision of the company to build a metaverse in the future, and the company has also introduced ‘Horizon Workrooms’ in the month of August 2021, that has been making it possible for the users to switch between conferencing and virtual reality easily.