Mercury Plastics and IBA Partnered to Install an Irradiation Cross-Linking Solution in US


IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A), which has been the leading particle accelerator technology in the world has announced that, the company has signed a contract for the installation of an irradiation cross-linking solution by using the Rhodotron technology of the company ‘IBA’ along with the Mercury Plastics in the region of Middlefield, Ohio, the United States.

The solution of the company is going to be used for the purpose of enhancing the properties of the plastics, which has been leading to the many improvements including the chemical and mechanical resistance and durability, along with ultimately providing a safe, clean and environmentally friendly approach.

The company ‘Mercury Plastics’ has been operating an IBA Dynamitron electron beam also known as E-beam, processing plant since the year 1999, in which the use of the technology of the IBA has now allowed the company for the purpose of developing the extensive experience in the process of cross-linking a variety of the polymers by using the irradiation technology of E-beam.

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Thomas Servais, executive vice president of the IBA said that, this new contract with the Mercury Plastics has been demonstrating the versatility of their Rhodotron technology that has been showing to have many uses.  

Jay Burnett, president of the Mercury Plastics said that, after more than 20 years of the successful collaboration, they are also looking forward for continuing their work with the company ‘IBA’ and choosing the Rhodtron technology for expanding their irradiation cross-linking the production capabilities had been an obvious choice.