Mercedes-Benz USA Launches National Technician Training and Development Programs


Mercedes-Benz USA has launched multifaceted training programs that aim to benefit the automobile industry by providing by providing career readiness to the students who aspire to become automobile technicians.

The students can begin their journey to become a technician of Mercedes Benz through participation in there national career development programs, including MB Campus, MB Star Connect, and MB Drive. These programs are mainly designed to provide a wide range of classroom and on-site training to students at every entry point.

Lisa Rosenfeld, general manager of Mercedes Benz Academy, MBUSA, said that they are not only helping their students to jumpstart their career, but also cultivating important relationships between dealer employers and potential employees.

Lisa Rosenfeld added that their students leave these programs feeling invigorated after learning the innovative technologies and driven towards making a career out of working with the most technologically advanced vehicles on the road.

Mercedes Benz plans to be industry leader in service and customer experience. With the automobile programs, Mercedes Benz Academy is substantially raising rates of graduation to support the development, by making sure that the best technicians in the industry receive hands on experience with the Mercedes Benz vehicles.

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