Mercedes-Benz Achieves Digital Success with Perion’s SORT Technology


Perion Network Ltd., a global advertising technology company, announced the results of a digital advertising campaign for Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA), an automobile brand responsible for the marketing, distribution, and customer service for all products of the company in the United States.

Doron Gerstel, chief executive officer of Perion, said that are thrilled by the validation of SORT by a global icon such as MBUSA. Mercedes-Benz is part of the large trend of leading advertisers who recognize that consumers mainly favour brands that protect their privacy. They will also continue to invest in leading the trend by providing privacy-first technology and superior performance results.

Ashley Epperson, media supervisor at Mercedes-Benz USA, said that as a digitally innovative brand, Mercedes-Benz USA is looking for unique and creative experiences and technologies to take their companies to the next level. According to Ashley Epperson, utilizing immersive high impact formats including the Live CTV, which will be integrated with MBUSA’s new privacy-complaint targeting solution, SORT, they were able to stand out across all the screens and new audiences and also see an increase of 70 percent in brand interactions.

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The goal of the campaign included driving awareness of CPO vehicles and sales events of MBUSA, educating consumers on the benefits of CPO vehicles, and generating interest in owning the CPO vehicles among new and existing customers.