Megalabs USA Announced Launch of Abintra and Glutapak R in North American Market


Megalabs USA, a subsidiary of Megalabs Inc., which manufactures, distributes, and markets pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements throughout the North American market, has announced the launch of two new products, including Abintra and Glutapak R, to the company’s North American portfolio.

These additions join the other science-based nutritional products of the brand, which include Enterex Diabetic, a complete, and high-protein shake specially formulated for people with diabetes, and Prunelax, a popular lineup of supplements.

Fabian Rivero, CEO of Megalabs USA, said the portfolio expansion further supports the mission of the company, and they are passionate about creating products that improve the lives of their customers. He also said that these new products offer some proven and evidence-based therapies, and he could be prouder to bring them to their North American markets.

Abintra is a nutritional supplement by Megalabs USA formulated to help heal wounds. It is an often-overlooked aspect of wound care, and nutrition is a key factor for healing, and the formula also works to promote tissue synthesis and wound healing from within.

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Glutapak R is a probiotic glutamine supplement for gut health and intestinal healing, and it is currently the only therapeutic intestinal product on the North American market that both restores a healthy microflora in the gut along with a proven probiotic, and also helps to repair intestinal damage with glutamine.