McDonald’s to Reopen Restaurants in Ukraine


McDonald’s has announced new plans to reopen outlets in Ukraine, which were closed after invasion of Russia in March 2022. The company said it is hoping that a move will provide help in restoring a small but important sense of normalcy.

The company said there will be a phased reopening in the upcoming months in Kyiv and western regions of Ukraine in areas that are safe. McDonald’s had over 100 restaurants in Ukraine before the war with Russia began. The company has also continued to pay wages to over 10,000 staff since the war started.

Paul Pomroy, senior vice president of McDonald’s, said they have spoken extensively to their employees who have expressed a very strong desire to return to work, and see their restaurants in Ukraine to reopen, where it is safe to do so.

Paul Pomroy also said in recent months, the belief that this will support a small sense of normalcy has grown stronger, and the officials of Ukraine have also advised that, the businesses resuming operations will support the local economy, and the people of Ukraine.

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Analysts expect that the war to trigger a 35 percent economic decline in Ukraine in 2022, will be disrupting the exports, with damaging key infrastructure, and force to shut thousands of businesses in the country.

McDonald’s said it was working with the contractors and suppliers to ensure the restaurants were ready for reopening.