McDonalds to Remove Artificial Ingredients from Its Burgers


Renowned food giant McDonalds, on Wednesday, announced to eliminate preservative and additives from its popular burgers in all the USA’s outlets, one step forward towards providing healthier foodstuffs.

McDonald’s popular burgers including the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder with Cheeseburger, Hamburger, and Double Cheeseburger will be now additives-free. The pickle slices would be the only element to contain artificial ingredients, however, the customers can choose to skip it, as stated by the company.

Currently, about two-thirds of the sandwiches and burgers have been made synthetic-free. They were basically present in the cheese slices, Big Mac burger’s special sauce, and other types of buns.

USA’s McDonalds President, Chris Kempczinski, articulated about the same, “From switching to 100 percent fresh beef in our quarter-pound burgers, cooked right when ordered, to removing artificial preservatives in our Chicken McNuggets, and committing to cage-free eggs by 2025, we have made significant strides in evolving the quality of our food.”

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This change would be adopted in all the 14,000 US-based eateries and is indeed a big step taken by this food giant, usually slated as ‘junk food’ champion. While the trend for health-consciousness amongst people is budding, this would bring a substantial difference in McDonalds’ growth.

Experts are analyzing this move to meet competition with prevalent food giants, persisting a prime focus  on ‘freshness’ such as Five Guys and Wendy’s that holds a motto of “always fresh, never frozen.”

After the announcement, McDonalds’ share prices skyrocketed. Below is a quick look on the past five days growth in the company’s share prices.


McD share prices
                                                Source: NASDAQ