McDonald’s Planning To Sell All Its Business In Russia


McDonald’s is planning to sell all of the business of the company in Russia and also de-arching the restaurants of the company as a result of the war in Ukraine as said by Chris Kempczinski, chief executive of McDonald’s.

McDonald’s is now planning to leave Russia after 32 years and this move has come on the heels of many companies of the United States taking action against the invasion of Russia over Ukraine but McDonald’s is also removing its arches has been one of the most striking and giving that, it has been a symbol for the world peace and globalism.

The McDonald’s is also going to become one of the first restaurant companies for the purpose of removing the business of the company in the company’s whole after having closed its stores in the month of March 2022 but has still paid the employees, which is a trend that is included the other companies of the United States had now resisted a complete shutdown because of the welfare of the employees but the war had held too much of weight.

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The chief executive of McDonald’s said that, this has been a complicated issue that is without the precedent and with the profound consequences and some might also arguing that, providing the access to the food and is also continuing to employ tens of thousands of the ordinary citizens has surely been the right thing for doing.

He also said that, but it has been impossible for ignoring the humanitarian crisis, which is caused by war in the country of Ukraine.