McDonald’s Launches Retail Collaboration with BoxLunch in US


McDonald’s has now officially launched a retail collaboration with BoxLunch,a pop culture retailer in the United States, and the line has been available on the stores of BoxLunch and, that is going to be featuring an assortment of the apparel, collectibles and accessories.

Additionally, the retailer BoxLunch has now pledged for donating a meal to a person in the need for every 10 dollars that are spent inside the store or online through the partnership with Feeding America.

Jennifer DelVecchio, senior director of the strategic alliances at McDonald’s said, as a brand, which is serving tens of thousands of communities across the world, that are always focused on living their purpose of feeding and fostering the communities, which they are operating in, and that has been the reason why, they are especially proud for partnering with the BoxLunch and are bringing to life, a new collection of accessories and apparel that are inspired by the fan-favourite menu items and the characters of McDonald’s.

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The foodie fashion has started with an array of styles that have been incorporating the most familiar faces and menu items of the brand, and the highlight for men includes the woven button-ups along with the graphic tees, which have been featuring the characters like Ronald McDonald, and also an Hamburglar hoodie along with a long-sleeved shirt along with a pattern of fry checkerboard.

The line for women includes a McDonald’s signature smile tee, along with the God Morning top, which has been showcasing the biggest signature breakfast foods of McDonald’s.