Marengo Asia Healthcare Pledged to Plant 50,000 Trees


Marengi Asia Healthcare hospitals has pledged a tree planting drive that will witness 50,000 trees that will be planted in the cities where a Marengo Asia Hospital, and is located to create an impact in the society.

This will also be a unique eco-friendly approach of launching a sapling plantation drive to commemorate the National Doctor’s Day. The commitment of Marengo Asia Healthcare as a responsible ESG aligned healthcare provider towards the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. It says, protect, promote, and restore sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, and stopped and reversed the land degradation and stop the loss of biodiversity.

As an awareness drive of the healthcare services provider in alignment with SDG 16 that will elaborate on how they can impact climate change, Marengo Asia Healthcare is leading the tree planting drive to contribute and being a part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Trees promote health and social well-being by removing the air pollution, reducing stress, promoting social ties, and encouraging physical activity, and community. The main idea of planting trees is growing string as awareness on how the trees can protect and save lives of the people.

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The research studies reveal that they need to plant four billion trees for the next 10 years to be able to sustain healthy lives of the people on the planet. The loss of forests has an immeasurable effect on the health factor in the world.