Mandatory Covid-19 vaccination For Healthcare Workers to be Removed in UK


Sajid Javid, health secretary of the United Kingdom, the mandatory corona virus vaccine jabs for the social and healthcare workers in the United Kingdom is going to be scrapped on 15th March 2022. He said that, the staff will no longer be needed by the getting vaccinated, and these new rules has come into force for the workers of home care staff in the month of November and it had also been because for being introduced for the frontline NHS staff in the regulated settings from 1st April 2022.

The policy of the government of the United Kingdom have met some fierce resistance from some of the workers along with the warnings that removing those measures, who does not comply has already worsen the sever staffing crisis engulfing the healthcare services.

Sajid Javid, health secretary said, earlier 2022 he has believed that, it had no longer been proportionate for requiring the vaccination as a condition of the deployment under the law, and he has also confirmed that, the regulations in the social and healthcare would be revoked and he also said that, the rules is going to be ending on 15th March 2022.

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This development has immediately raised the question of whether the healthcare workers, who might be have leaving their jobs can possibly return, and Martin Green, chief executive of Care England said that, the announcement of Sajid Javid had now come very late for the purpose of repairing the big damage that has been done to the care industry.