Main Street Convinced That Recession Will Hit United States In 2022


The Main Street is now convinced that, recession is going to be hitting the United States in 2022 and the main street is bearish, but the small business owners have been leading the way in a negative sentiment including by a notable margin.

The Wall Street has been consumed with the efforts of Federal Reserve for combating the inflation it pegged wrong for too long and the risk in the interest rate hikes is going to be leading to a recession.

A survey has found that, over half of the economists and the investment professionals is expecting the Federal reserves for failing in the mission to engineer a soft landing for the economy.

The stock market has also been relieved along with the stocks increasing after Jerome Powell, head of the Federal Reserve said that, a more aggressive increase in the interest rates of 75 basis points is not being considered and the central bank also remains convinced that, it can possibly bring the inflation down without crashing or affecting the economy.

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On Thursday, 19th May 2022, the market had been giving back the brief gains and on the Main Street, the central bank messaging had never likely to cause any kind of short-term relief and according to the reports, eight in ten small business owners are expecting that, a recession is going to occur in 2022.