Luye Pharma’s Alzheimer’s Disease Therapy Receives Marketing Approval in UK


The Luye Pharma Group announced, has got the approval for the marketing of the Rivastigmine Multi-Day Transdermal Patch (Rivastigmine MD) has now been granted by the UK MHRA, for the treatment of the mild to moderate dementia, which has been associated with the Alzheimer’s disease, and this drug has also received the marketing approval for many countries in European Union in the past.

As being the marketing approval holder of Rivastigmine MD, the Luye Pharma is going to be taking the complete ownership and responsibility for the process of market supervision, marketing distribution and also the supply chain management.

The drug ‘Rivastigmine MD’ has been the latest of the many products in the therapeutic area of the central nervous system for being offered by the Luye Pharma Ltd. in the United Kingdom, which has been representing another important milestone for the company in the continuation of the company’s business development efforts along with its increasing presence in the continent of Europe.

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The Rivastigmine MD had been produced by Luye Pharma on the company’s proprietary transdermal patch platform, and  a number of the international patents that have been protecting the product after it has been issued, and the Rivastigmine MD has been employing an innovative drug delivery system for the drug through the transdermal administration, that has been requiring a lower application frequency than the once in a day Rivastigmine patches that are easily available in the market along with enabling the improved medication adherence among the patients of the disease.