Lupin Partners with Exeltis to Market its Specialty Drug ‘Solosec’ in US


On Thursday, 27th January 2022, the pharmaceutical company ‘Lupin’ said that, it has now entered into an agreement with the company ‘Exeltis USA’ for the purpose of promoting the specialty antibacterial drug known as Solosec in the market of the United States.

The company ‘Exeltis USA’ is going to be marketing the Solosec drug along with the company’s existing line of products for the women’s health, along with further enhancing the value to the OBGYNs along with their patients. According to the reports, the company ‘Lupin’ has been trying to find a partner for the marketing of its products and the company also open to the idea of the possible sales of the company’s main specialty Solosec drug in the United States.

The Solosec drug has been indicated for the treatment of the bacterial vaginosis, which has been a common vaginal infection in the adult women and the trichomoniasis, which has been a common infection transmitted sexually in the adult people.

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Vinita Gupta, chief executive officer of Lupin said that, this partnership is going to be expanding the reach of the Solosec drug, that is allowing more number of the providers of healthcare for being aware of the benefits of the drug and also increasing the access for the adult women those are suffering from the bacterial vaginosis and the adult people with the trichomoniasis.

Salustiano Perez, CEO of Exeltis USA, the addition of the Solosec drug has been precisely fitting within the current portfolio of the products of Exeltis, along with enhancing the company’s commercial strategy and also offering many solutions to their patients and customers.