L&T Develop First 3D-Printed Post Office of India


A post office building in Bengaluru is being constructed using 3D printing by L&T Construction. Using 3D concrete printing technology, it will construct the 1,000 square foot building for the Halasuru Post Office within 45 days. 3D concrete printing, a new technology, has the potential to speed up construction and improve overall build quality, transforming construction methods.

For the most part, such activities require 6-8 months to finish, while utilizing 3D printing innovation decreases that altogether, made sense of MV Satish, Entire time Chief and senior leader VP, of L&T Development (Structures).

The company claims that the project’s scope includes finishes, MEP, and structure. The Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC) has approved the technology, but IIT Madras has validated the post office’s structural design.

Additionally, the company has begun using the technology for other kinds of business. He noted that some of their ongoing projects include the HAD (Himank Air Dispatch) Transit Residence in Chandigarh for the Indian Army and Border Roads Organization, the Villas Project in Bengaluru, Karnataka, and buildings for a factory client.

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The first public building in Karnataka to be constructed using 3D technology will be the post office. The project is moving quickly, and when it’s done, the building will be a little landmark in Bengaluru.

There are a variety of applications for 3D printing, including affordable housing up to G+3, military barracks, single-floor schools, warehousing, lodging, and villas. In the coming years, this technology is expected to become increasingly popular. The company develops hotel projects using prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction (PPVC), in addition to 3D technology.