Lotus Launches its Last Conventional Petrol Sports Car ‘Emira’ in UK


Lotus, a sports car manufacturing company has launched its new Emira model care with the company is call its last hurrah conventional petrol car. The launch of Emira has been followed by an investment of 100 million pounds at Hethel, located near Norwich, which are the headquarters of the company ‘Lotus’.

The company ‘Lotus’ said, the new sports car model has been inspired by Lotus’s electric Evija hypercar, that has been scheduled for going into the production at the end of 2021. Matt Windle, managing direct of Lotus said, the company wanted to become a true performance car brand across the globe.

The car ‘Emira’ has been aimed at increasing the global appeal of the company, specifically in the region of Southeast Asia, and the company has been describing the car as a last hurrah of the company Lotus, which have the internal combustion engines, before the company embraces the electrification.

Matt Windle also said, in the time of ten years, the company is going to be an electric vehicle only company, and Natalie Sauber, head of market intelligence at the engineering consultants ‘Arcadis’ said, the company ‘Lotus’ becoming fully electric has been a fantastic news.

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Natalie Sauber said, the electric powertrains, which are the set of the components that are responsible in generating power, have been so much better suited to the sports cars, and it can also possibly mean a major boost in the customer base of the company, and Lotus has also been producing the latest petrol sports car had been a huge opportunity for the company to reinvent and refocus as a producer of EV.