Los Angeles Passes Strictest Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates in US


The city of Los Angeles is soon going to require that, people should have to show the proof of complete covid-19 vaccination or a recent negative corona virus test for the purpose of entering many indoor establishments in the city, and this new rule is going to be one of the strictest corona virus vaccine rules in the United States, when it will go into the effect next month.

On Wednesday, 6th October 2021, the city council of Los Angeles has given the approval to the ordinance, that is going to be applied to the indoor restaurants, gyms, bars, shopping malls, several entertainment venues and other personal care establishments, which will be starting from 4th November 2021.

The retail establishments like the grocery stores and pharmacies are not going to be included, and the ordinance has been passed with 11 votes, which has been short of one vote of the needed 12 votes for the purpose of going into the effect immediately. This ordinance has been given the permission for the religious and medical exemptions, and the lieu of the corona virus vaccination, the people will have to show the proof of a negative corona virus test, which have been taken within 72 hours.

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This new law has been differing from the orders, that were previously issued in the county of Los Angeles, and the county is going to be requiring at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccination or a proof of a negative covid-19 test report for the staff and customers at the high-risk place like bars and night clubs.