Leeds and Social Care Hub Launched to Improve Health Outcomes across UK


A new Leeds and Social Care Hub has been launched, and will bring together the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and different local partners to improve the health outcomes across the region of the United Kingdom.

This new hub is going to bring together a community of experts to improve healthcare in the region for patients. The members of public, private and third sector organizations, which includes local government, universities, NHS and other health organizations will be working together to address challenges including improving employment opportunities and tackling health disparities in the sector.

The main aim of the hub is to position Leeds as the natural choice for professionals looking to pursue a career in the health and social care spanning local government and public and private organisations, along with start-ups seeking to establish and expand their base in the city.

Maria Caulfield, health minister of the United Kingdom, said the Leeds and Social care Hub will provide a welcome platform for the people to forge close and strong working relationships with their partners in Leeds and in the northern region of England.

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Maria Caulfield added that it will allow them to entice more talented health and care workers and organizations to boost both the local workforce and the economy, and together, they will work on a vision to improve outcomes of health and social care.