Koenig Solutions Announced its Growth as it Expands in US Tech Market


The company Koenig Solutions, a leader in the IT training across the globe, has announced the tremendous growth of the company, that has been led by the process of doubling the company’s year on year performance for 2021, that has also been including an increase of 1000 percent in the admissions, and in addition to the growth of United States in the certification and revenues, the company has rapidly been expanding across the countries including United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

Rohit Aggarwal, founder and CEO of Koenig Solutions said, they are very happy with their results, and they are also well positioned in the year 2021 fir the growth in the expansion of the customers, community and also the overall market share.

He also said, along with the disruptions in the traditional technology industry, they are now focusing on bringing the new trends along with the new practices to the IT training industry, and their 4-hour training, service guaranteed, partnerships and rare flexibility are also responsible in the completing the needs of the IT departments of the companies and c-suite.

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As being an authorized Microsoft Learning Partner in the United States of America, the success of the company Koenig Solutions has been mostly driven by the many of the aggressive acquisitions of the authorized certifications, and with the help of a propriety onsite training model, one on one training options, infusion of technology and extensive trainer resources, the company was able to progress for the technology industry training.