Kate Winslet, Director Nancy Meyers Denied Sequel Report of The Holiday


Writer-director Nancy Meyers and one of the leading stars of the movie “The Holiday” Kate Winslet have denied reports that the movie is getting a sequel 17 years after its release. According to report, The Holiday was under development, and the plan has begun to rollout scenes in 2023, primarily in Europe and United Kingdom.

Sharing the screenshot on Instagram, the director said that there are so many DMs about the story, but it is not true. Kate Winslet said that she had never heard anything about the movie sequel until she came across the report.

Kate Winslet added that she read something about the sequel, but it is the first she has heard of it, and she promised that no representative from the first movie has had any conversation with her about the sequel.

The Holiday, released in 2006, follows two women, played by Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, who are from opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean and swap their homes to escape heartbreak during the holiday and Christmas seasons. The movie also stars Jack Black, Eli Wallach, and Jude Law, and was a box office hit, raising 205 million US dollars worldwide.

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