Juice Americas Launches Portable EV Charger in North America


Juice Americas Inc., the US subsidiary of Juice Technology AG based in Switzerland, the market leader in developing portable chargers for electric vehicles (EVs), announced the availability of its portable charger called J+ BOOSTER 2, in the market of North America.

The J+ BOOSTER 2 enables owners of electric vehicles to simply take their EV charger on the road to charge their electric vehicles from any outlet of conventional power socket. Developed in research and development center of Juice Technology in Switzerland, the North American version of popular portable EV charger of Juice is now certified and available to the consumers of North America.

Christoph Erni, CEO and founder of Juice Technology AG, said the J+ BOOSTER 2 is like an army knife of EV charging technology, and will make any concerns regarding vehicle range a thing of the past. He also said after all, the electricity is available everywhere, the people have to make it more accessible.

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J+ BOOSTER 2 is produced from solid, and military-grade aluminium. The included accessories assortment mainly offers eight NEMA-complaint adapter plus that are attached easily through the J+ CONNECTOR, which is a proprietary plug interface of Juice Technology.

Michael Boehm, managing director of Juice Americas, said all the features make this charging station more user-friendly at home, and on the road and ensuring safety every time people charge their electric vehicle.