JPMorgan Chase Urged its Employees in US to Get Covid-19 Vaccine


JPMorgan Chase, biggest bank in the United States of America, has urged all of its employees in the United States for getting vaccinated by the novel corona virus vaccine ahead of a planned return of the employees to the office, and the bank has also left the door open for making the corona virus vaccine jab mandatory for the employees.

The Jamie Dimon, chief executive of the JPMorgan Chase bank and head of the operating committee of JPMorgan Chase said, they are strongly urging all of their employees to get vaccinated because they think that, the novel corona virus vaccine protects the people, their friends and family, the fellow employees and also the community.

The memo from the JPMorgan Chase bank said, in the future, they might be making it mandatory that, all the employees working in the working the company should receive a novel corona virus vaccine consistent with all of the legal requirements along with the religious and medical accommodations.

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The JPMorgan Chase have told its staff that, all the employees in the United States are going to be moving to a regular in-office schedule starting from 6th July 2021. The management said in the memo that, in most of the cases, this schedule might be five days each and every week, and for the other employees, it is going to be meaning that, a minimum of 50 percent of their workdays are going to be in the office, because of the occupancy limits of the company.