Joe Biden: US To Give High Quality Face Masks To People For Free


On Thursday, 13th January 2022, Joe Biden, president of the United States said that, it will be giving high-quality face masks to the people of the United States for free, as the new corona virus infections from the newly identified Omicron corona virus variant that is spreading rapidly across the United States.

Joe Biden said that, the United States has been more than tripled the stockpile of the highly protective N95 face masks across the country for the purpose of making sure that, they are now widely available to the general public, and he also said that, the face masks have been very crucial tool for the purpose of helping the spread of the Omicron covid-19 variant.

While addressing the United States, Joe Biden said that, he knows that, for some of the people of the United States, and the face makes has not always been affordable or convenient for getting the masks, and in the upcoming weeks they are going announce that, how they will be making high-quality face masks available to the people of the country for free.

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For distributing the free N95b face masks to every person in the United States for free, and everybody is going to be receiving a package with the three highly protective face masks and the new legislation is having 50 democratic co-sponsors in the Senate and the White House.

US Senate Bernie Sanders said that, as they are facing the rapidly increasing and spreading Omicron covid-19 variant and they should also remember that not all the face masks have been equally created.