Joe Biden: US and Russia to Enter Strategic Stability Dialogue


On Wednesday, 16th June 2021, Joe Biden, President of the United States of America said, US and Russia have agreed to engage in the bilateral dialogue on the strategic stability, that has been aimed at decreasing the risks of the unintentional conflict and restraining the nuclear weapons.

After a meeting of three hours, Joe Biden said, he has urged Vladimir Putin, President of Russia for giving respecting the political freedoms and human rights in Russia and he has asked the Russian president to re-open the humanitarian corridors in the country of Syria for giving permission for the delivery of food and also co-operating in the prevention of Iran from acquiring the nuclear weapons.

Joe Biden also said, he has given an unwavering commitment to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, and he has also discussed the shared interests of US and Russia in the prevention of terrorism in Afghanistan. Joe Biden said, he had told Vladimir Putin that, they are needing some basic rules of the road, which they all abide by.

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Joe Biden added that, there are several areas, where both the countries share a mutual interest for them to so-operate for the people of both the United States of America and Russia, but the US and Russia should co-operate for the benefits and security of the world.

The presidents of US and Russia have also agreed for resuming the talks on the arms control and also for returning the ambassadors to the capitals of both the countries after they had been removed earlier in 2021.