Joe Biden To Propose Overhaul of Nursing Homes in US


The minimum staffing levels is going to be a main feature of a large overhaul of the nursing homes in the United States that, Joe Biden, president of the United States is expected to announce in the upcoming days.

The levels of staffing are also considered as very critical for the equality in the nursing home, but the novel corona virus pandemic has now left the facilities short of the nurses, along with the nursing assistants and several other workers, who have been caring for the patients. In addition to the requirements of staffing, the plan of Joe Biden is going to include around 20 separate actions for the purpose of improving the quality of nursing home and although, there is not going to be any new sources of the federal funding for the purpose of paying for the changes.

Joe Biden is also going to announce an increase of 500 million dollars in the inspection budget of the nursing home as a part of the plan, and in spite of the tens of billions of the dollars of tax players going to be nursing homes every year, along with substandard care that is leading to the ignorable resident damage.

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Mark Parkinson, head of the American Health Care Association said, the additional oversight without having any corresponding assistance is not going to be improving the care for the resident, and for making the real improvements, they will be needing that the policymakers for the purpose of prioritizing the investment in the chronically underfunded industry of healthcare.