Joe Biden Reversed $10 Billion Cloud Deal Trump Move of Pentagon


On Tuesday, 6th July 2021, the United States Defense Department has cancelled the 10 billion dollars JEDI cloud computing project, by reversing the Trump-era award to the company ‘Microsoft Corporation’ and also announcing a new contract, that has been expected for including the big technology rival

The contract, which has been awarded by the Pentagon in 2019 has been kept on hold after the company ‘Amazon’ has filed a lawsuit, in which the company has challenged the decision under the former president ‘Donald Trump’, and Donald Trump had then publicly derided Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and he had also been repeatedly criticising the company Amazon.

The shares of both Amazon and Microsoft had been closed at a record high, along with the online retailer leading by 4.7 percent and the shares of Microsoft are just a penny higher. In 2019, the company Amazon said, the pentagon decision had been full of errors, which the company had suggested had been a result of the improper pressure given from Donald Trump.

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Amazon has also cited a 2019 book, that had reported that, Donald Trump had directed the Defense Department of United States to the company Amazon to put him out of the JEDI contract.

Under the Joe Biden administration, on Tuesday, 6th July 2021, the pentagon said, Microsoft and Amazon are the only companies, which can possibly meet the requirements of the department, but it has also noted that, they are now reaching out to the other cloud technology providing companies in the upcoming three months if they are also able to meet the standards of the government.