Joe Biden Reveals Target of 50% Car Sales in US to be Zero-Emission by 2030


On Thursday, 5th August 2021, Joe Biden, president of the United States of America has revealed a target which is backed by the Detroit automakers for around 50 percent of all the cars sold in the United States to be zero carbon emission vehicles by 2030.

This move has been the latest reversal by Joe Biden of the environmental and climate policies made by Donald Trump, former president of the United States and the move has also been aiming to the promotion of a transformation of the American transportation, which has been largest source of the carbon emissions in the country.

The government of the United States said, the president Joe Biden is going to sign an executive order that has been setting an ambitious new target for the purpose of making 50 percent of all the new vehicles that will be sold in the country to be zero-emissions vehicles by the year 2030, which also includes the cars like plug-in hybrid electric, battery electric and the fuel cell electric vehicles.

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The government of United States also said that, the order is going to be positioning the country for driving the electric vehicle forward in the future, overtaking the country of China along with tackling the crisis related to the climate.

Katherine Garcia of the Sierra Club has called the move as a ‘meaningful signal to the producers of the vehicles but she also said that, the target should have to be raised to around 60 percent and it can be supplemented along with the strongest standards of the clean cars.