J&J Vision and Singapore’s A*STAR Partner to Establish Digital Eye Consortium


Johnson & Johnson Vision, the health unit of Johnson & Johnson Company, has partnered with the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research, an agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore, to jointly establish the Eye Health Digital Innovation Consortium.

Based on a statement, the consortium will now focus on advancing eye health research, and over the next three years, both companies will collectively invest 10.7 million dollars in the consortium.

The consortium will establish public and private partnerships between eye care professionals, academia, and the eye health industry. These partnerships will jointly identify and prioritise the most pressing eye health needs with the region, and developing the innovations addressing all the needs.

Over the upcoming five years, it will focus on the main areas, which include improving eye healthcare delivery: optimising partnerships to enhance eye healthcare delivery, and developing new technological processes to provide support to the enterprises involved in the delivery of primary eye healthcare.

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The consortium will initially work on projects that will leverage new technologies and data-centric research, like blockchain, data privacy, and artificial intelligence techniques, as well as personal data compliance to create trusted data access and enable data sharing between eye care professionals, patients, researchers, public health policymakers, and clinical practitioners.

The Institute of High-Performance Computing of A*STAR, which will host the consortium, will be providing its expertise in blockchain and trust technologies in developing the projects.