Japan’s Fujifilm to Increase Film Prices by Only 25% in North America


In April 2022, the company ‘Fujifilm Japan’ has told the dealers that it is going to be increasing the price if the film by around 60 percent and now the company ‘Fujifilm North America’ has specified that, as the company is still increasing the prices that it is going to be a lesser degree.

The Fujifilm North America said, because of the increasing costs of the production, the reports are showing that, it is going to be increasing the film prices of the company is correct and even though for being a lesser degree than in the country of Japan and directly to the dealers and as such might not be passed on to the end consumers.

The significant increase in the costs of the raw materials and also cost for manufacturing has been increased as such Fujifilm North America Corporation has also made the business decision for the purpose of updating the pricing on the certain products related to the photos.

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A representative of Fujifilm North America said that, they are recently instituted a price update of the Fujifilm Professional Film price for their retailers of around 25 percent on 1st April 2022 and is going to be insulting an update in the retailer cost of 10 percent for the company’s line of QuickSnap One-Time Use Cameras on 1st July 2022. It has also been important for noting that, this dealer pricing might not be completely reflected in the pricing of the consumer that is seeing at the retail.