Is intake of Aspirin really good for your health?


Millions of people, every day, take Aspirin in order to prevent heart attacks, strokes, and even cancer. However, the recently published research states a completely contrary fact that this drug will not benefit the older people who prefer to consume it for preventing heart attacks and they should stop taking it.

Researchers conducted a study on about 19,000 Australian people and founded no positive effect in preventing heart strokes and attacks. Undoubtedly, people have been consuming since years especially the one with cardiovascular problems but the recently studied report states people above the age of 70 might not able to get the benefit of the drug’s potential to cure diseases.

Richard Hodes, National Institute on Aging’s director, the organization that also contributed in the funding of the research, stated: “Clinical guidelines note the benefits of Aspirin for preventing heart attacks and strokes in persons with vascular conditions such as coronary artery disease.” He added, “The concern has been uncertainty about whether aspirin is beneficial for otherwise healthy older people without those conditions.”

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One of the astonishing results that obtained from a study done on a group of people was – the death rate of the people taking aspirin was slightly higher than that of the one who was not taking it. The data, by the experts, was thoroughly gone through as this result stands contrary that the aspirin should have a protective effect against colorectal cancer.

The researchers, in the papers, also articulated: “The use of low-dose aspirin resulted in a significantly higher risk of major hemorrhage and did not result in a significantly lower risk of cardiovascular disease than placebo.”