Irish Government to Remove High-Risk Tech Companies from 5G Network


The government of Ireland has been planning to introduce the security legislation that is going to be enabling it for removing the high-risk telecom providing companies from being used in the critical parts of the next-generation broadband network of Ireland.

The government of Ireland has decided to give the legal powers to Eamon Ryan, Communications Minister of Ireland for conducting the assessments of the potential providers of the 5G network services in the country which is including the replacement of the broadband mobile network for the 4G network, and also for designating certain suppliers as high-risk companies.

This proposed legislation is going to be enabling several parts of the 5G network of the infrastructure for being designated as critical or high-risk for the state and also allowing the communications minister for banning the high-risk companies from working in those critical areas.

In November 2020, the government of the United Kingdom has announced that, the company ‘Huawei’ based in China is going to be banned from the United Kingdom for supplying the 5G telecoms infrastructure in the country.

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The current electronic communications infrastructure has largely been based on the 4G mobile networks and the fixed broadband, but many of the operators in the country has been providing the 5G networks, and the Irish Department of Communications said that, the government of Ireland had agreed on a number of measures for the purpose of enhancing the security of the electronic communications, which is also including the 5G networks.