International Paper Joins Better Climate Challenge of US DOE


The Department of Energy (DOE) of the United States has recognized the International Paper for the commitment of the company for decreasing the emissions of the greenhouse gases by 35 percent by the year 2030, that has been aligned with the best available climate science, and for working with the Department of Energy for the purpose of sharing the successful solutions and strategies of decarbonisation.

As a partner in the Better Climate Challenge of the US DOE, the company ‘International Paper’ has been one of the more than 80 organizations across the economy of the United States that are now stepping up to the challenge along with driving the action towards a low-carbon future.

Sophie Beckham, chief sustainability officer at International Paper said, they are committed for advancing a transition of clean energy along with a leading growth of the circular economy. The partnership of the company with the Better Climate Challenge of US DOE has just been one example of how they will be acting on their commitment for promoting the climate action beyond their footprint for including the partner organizations, communities and people with whom they can possibly work together for creating a future of low carbon.

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By improving their operational footprint has been a core tenant of the vision of the International Paper for 2030 that is including the robust targets that has been demonstrating a commitment for building a better future for the plant and also for the people and company.