Inspirational Examples of Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


The alignment of a company with a customer’s personal values is 74% more important to customers now than it was in 2021, according to The Sprout Social Index 2022.Now, if corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices are lacking, this will have an effect not only on the general public but also on the financial results.

There are numerous examples of top brands using corporate social responsibility (CSR) examples from social media platforms to spread the word about how they are giving back to the community. Among the examples are:

The Commitment of Alaska Airlines to Net Zero Emissions:

Doing the right thing is one of Alaska Airlines’ core values, which has led to some innovative and genuine CSR initiatives, such as a five-part plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2040.For a company that consumes 750 million gallons of fuel annually, this is a significant undertaking. Additionally, Alaska Airlines expanded its business model in new ways by establishing Alaska Star Ventures, an investment firm that supports emerging aviation sustainability technologies.

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Occasion Manageability Series of Forest Cooperative:

Grove Collaborative is helping people and the planet create the most beautiful time of the year. Grove Collaborative has been posting helpful hints and tricks for a sustainable holiday season on their social media platforms. Grove Collaborative’s initiative is a successful example of CSR because it demonstrates that the company is providing sustainable solutions to problems that already exist and is well-versed in its target market and mission.

Sabura’s #SubaruLovesPets campaign:

As part of its #SaburaLovesPet campaign, Subaru started National Make a Dog’s Day. Since then, Subaru has held pop-up adoption events at dealerships all over the country to celebrate furry friends and encourage customers to consider adopting dogs with special needs. As a result, some adorable partnerships have emerged.

Misfits Market’s #MisfitMemos Series:

Misfit Market does more than just deliver organic, high-quality food to customers. In addition, the business provides high-quality information regarding inefficiencies in their food system directly to the customer. The company’s #MisfitsMemos series on TikTok demonstrates to customers or consumers how they can use their money to change the food supply chain.

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Nike’s Bloom Over Doom Campaign:

Nike’s Move to Zero initiative includes pledges to reduce carbon emissions, divert manufacturing waste, and transition to renewable energy. Nike is one of the companies that has ambitious sustainability goals.

Nike has launched the Bloom Over Doom campaign to promote these initiatives and highlight the company’s sustainability innovation philosophy. Nike is focusing on how they can support a brighter future through optimism, collective action, and healing rather than the dangers of ignoring the climate crisis.

Against Cyberflashing Effort of Blunder:

Bumble is stepping up to change the perception that cyberflashing is a side effect of spending a lot of time online. Bumble takes a strong position on the matter, arguing that flashing is illegal as well as digital flashing. The company has contributed to the passage of legislation in both Texas and Virginia that makes the sending of unsolicited photos illegal.

By advocating for users, Bumble is also establishing a new standard for CSR examples. By creating a safe digital environment for users to thrive, Bumble’s efforts also support the brand’s mission of supporting love connections.

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Tony’s Chocolonely’s Slave-Free Supply Chain Mission:

Tony’s Chocolonely, a Dutch confectionery company, uses its packaging, its website, and social media content to highlight the issues of modern slavery and to raise awareness of them. For Tony’s Chocolonely, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is more than just a practice; it is also a part of the mission of their brand.