Inmarsat to Start Large Refresh of its Technology in UK


Inmarsat, biggest space company in the United Kingdom have started a large refresh of the company’s network technology, and the operator based in London have been putting up one of the biggest and most sophisticated telecommunications spacecraft ever built in the world.

The spacecraft, which is going to be called as the I6-F1 and this new platform is going to be serving the several on-the-move customers of the Inmarsat from the planes and ships to the armed forces and also to the broadcasters, and the satellite had been taken to the orbit by an H-IIA rocket developed by Mitsubishi from the country of Japan.

This has been a very important moment for the company ‘Inmarsat’ as it has been looking for the future proofing the business of the company against an upcoming wave of the new communications constellations, and the I6-F1 is going to be starting the overhaul of the coming part of the company’s satellite fleet, that has been transmitting around the world in the L-band.

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The radio frequency of narrowband has been primarily used for the purpose of voice calls and messaging, and it has also been a mainstay of the company from the inception in the year 1979 as a non0governmental organization, which has been monitoring the distress calls at the sea.

The already existing L-band spacecraft of the company, has now been over 10 years old, which means that, the technology onboard has no longer been in the state of the art.