Indian Start-ups to Sue Google over New App-Billing System


Several Indian startups have asked a court to suspend Google’s new app-billing system. A legal filing states that the antitrust body will look into Google’s new in-app billing fee system for allegedly not following its instructions.

In spite of an antitrust request in October, 2022, to allow the use of untouchable charging organizations for in-application portions, the Alliance of Mechanized India Foundation (ADIF) reported last month that India’s antitrust regulator is looking into Google for developing yet another system that new businesses claim really charges them a high assistance cost.

Despite the fact that the company’s so-called User Choice Billing system (UCB) implementation date of April 26, 2023 is rapidly approaching, ADIF argues in its filing with the Delhi High Court on April 10, 2023 that the antitrust body has yet to hear its complaint.

According to Reuters, the 744-page filing requests that the court not use Google’s UCB until the CCI hears the complaint. Google declined to comment and the CCI did not respond. The latest spat between Google and rival startups, who have repeatedly criticized the American company for what they claim are unfair restrictions on business, is the filing.

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The commission considered this to be an abuse of Google’s market dominance. It asserts that the new service fee system covers investments in the Google Play app store and Android mobile operating system, ensures that it is distributed for free, and covers developer tools and analytics services.