India: Orient Electric Launched New Cooling Fan ‘Cloud 3 Fan’


There is something new in the market that might just be what people are looking for if they are looking forward to purchasing a new air conditioner, table fan, or air cooler. A table fan can ensure comfort on a budget, despite the fact that it may not provide as much relief from the heat as an air conditioner does. This is the brand-new Cloud 3 fan that Orient Electrics recently introduced.

Orient Electric’s revolutionary cloud cooling fan, the Orient Cloud 3, lowers the surrounding temperature by up to 12 degrees Celsius by dispersing nanoparticles that resemble clouds from vents. The fan blades then spread the cool air throughout the room. There are three different cooling settings that can be chosen based on the user’s preferences and the temperature.

To get cool air that can last up to eight hours, a 4.5-liter tank at the bottom of the fan’s pedestal should be filled with water. The length of the time has been planned with the average amount of time a person spends sleeping at night in mind.

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Additionally, the fan uses less energy than an air conditioner or cooler due to its superior energy efficiency. The fan only requires about one unit of power to run for eight hours. A fragrance dispenser can be filled with any scent that dissolves in water, like rose to freshen the air or eucalyptus to repel insects.

The device can be easily installed in homes by customers. Black and white are the two colors available for the fan. All operations, with the exception of the tilt, can be managed remotely. On, the fan is available for an initial price of Rs 11,999. The product also has a warranty of two years.