Indegene Acquires USA’s Medical Market Economics


The company, Indegene, a provider of healthcare solutions enabled by technology, has now acquired the company ‘Medical Marketing Economics LLC’ based in the United States, a healthcare market access and the pricing strategy company, at the cost of around 10 million dollars for the purpose of bolstering the company’s emerging medical and biotech offerings.

Manish Gupta, chief executive officer and cofounder of Indegene said, their growth momentum has always been strong, and the acquisition is still going to continue for the purpose of being a priority area for them.

The acquisitions of the company have now been a important part of the growth strategy of Indegene, and the company has also made seven strategic acquisitions across the globe between the period of 2012 and 2019, and prior to the Medical Marketing Economics (MME), the company has also acquired DT Associates, a digital transformation and customer experience consulting company based in United Kingdom.

The CEO of Indegene said, it is still going to continue to build the strategic purchase in the upcoming months for the purpose of building the deep expertise of domain along with the differentiated technology for the purpose of accelerating the growth, and their main target of acquisition of the companies is going to be anywhere in the revenue range of 5 million dollars to 100 million dollars.

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As part of the expansion plans of the company, Indegene is also expected for hiring around 2,500 people of the year across the offices of the company, out of which around 2,000 are going to be based in India and 200 in the region of North America.