Increasing Covid-19 Cases Spark Fears of Pandemic in United States


On Monday, 20th July 2021, according to the reports, a rapid increase in the novel corona virus cases in the United States has now been fuelling the fears of an increase in the novel corona virus as the Delta variant of the novel corona virus takes hold in the country and Joe Biden, president of America has urged the people of US for getting vaccinated.

The number of new novel corona virus cases along with the deaths and hospitalizations because of the novel corona virus have been increasing rapidly in the recent days, that have largely been driven by the outbreaks in the parts of the country which are having low vaccination rates, as the health official have been given the warning of a pandemic of the unvaccinated people.

Joe Biden said, six months into his administration, the economy of the United States has also experienced the highest economic growth rate in around 40 years, and the forecasters have also doubled the projections for the growth of economy to 7 percent or higher, and the United States has been the only developed country, the projections of the economic growth are more strong than they had been before getting hit by the novel corona virus pandemic.

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The novel corona virus cases are now increasing in all of the 50 states in the US and several cities are also considering making face masks mandatory, and the available novel corona virus vaccines works against the Delta corona virus variant, but according to the lab tests, the vaccines are less effective against the variants.