IDEMIA to Introduce New Travel Platform ‘ID2Travel’ in North America


IDEMIA I&S North America is going to be launching a new traveling platform called as ID2Travel is being launched in the region of North America, and this travel platform has been a traveller identity platform, which is interoperable and it has also been covering the overall passenger facilitation ecosystem.

Based on the biometric identification and the identity management, the ID2Travel has been a solution of the passenger facilitation that has been designed for the purpose of improving the traveller experience for delivering the secure, efficient and also the frictionless travel. This platform has been interoperable and can also be deployed as a part of the airlines and airport, along with the port and also other infrastructure based on travel through the biometric capture solutions rated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) IDEMIA.

The experience of the passenger from the check-in and every touchpoint in travel experience has been using the identity proofing that has been leveraging the enrolment of the mobile along with the secured digital credentials on the biometric devices, mobile devices and the also the technological services.

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Lisa Sullivan, senior vice president, transport and travel at IDEMIA I&S North America has explained that, prior to the novel corona virus, and the people of the United States has taken 2.3 billion trips approximately, and more than a period of year, that has been making it more important for the experience of the passenger for being yet more seamless and frictionless as the pre-pandemic travel restrictions return in the region.