Ibex Announced launch of Galen 3.0 Cancer Diagnostics Platform


Ibex Medical Analytics, a leader in AI-powered cancer diagnostics, announced the launch of Galen 3.0, a transformative solution that offers new detection capabilities, and a broad set of features to support the pathologists in the new diagnosis of the multiple tissue types across different digital pathology workflows.

The Galen 3.0 is CE-Marked, and is also approved in the additional countries and is generally available to Ibex customers. By creating a new modality for cancer diagnosis, Galen is the first and most widely deployed artificial intelligence (AI) technology in pathology, and used in routine clinical practice at hospitals, laboratories, and health systems across the world.

Galen mainly supports the pathologists across the numerous diagnostic tasks during the review of prostate, breast, and gastric biopsies and also helps in improving the quality of cancer diagnosis, boosting productivity, reducing turnaround time, and improving user experience for the pathologists.

Galen 3.0 has the very latest evolution of the AI algorithms of Ibex for detecting cancer and other clinically relevant features in the prostate, gastric, and breast biopsies. Issar Yazbin, vice-president of product management at Ibex, said that with an estimated 1.9 million new cancer cases diagnosed in the United States in 2022, they are very excited to bring Galen 3.0 to the pathology labs across the world, providing automated and clinically validated tools that help pathologists diagnose cancer more accurately to support the high demand.

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