Hyundai Motor Group Established UAM Subsidiary ‘Supernal’ in Washington DC, US


Hyundai Motor Group has now given the confirmation regarding the name of the company’s urban air mobility (UAM) subsidiary located in Washington DC in the United States as Supernal and the company is also going to be speeding up the UAM businesses.

The Hyundai Motor Group has also setup the subsidiary of the UAM business in the United States in 2020 and the company has also conducted the research and development of the electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL). The Hyundai Motor Group has also introduced the name of the company’s subsidiary as Supernal on 9th November 2021, and the company has also been planning to provide the new experience to the customers along with leading to the changes in the society through the advanced air mobility (AAM).

The Hyundai Motor Group’s Supernal is also going to be opening a new research facility in the state of California in 2022 and it is also going to be expanding its businesses across the country, and the Supernal has also been working in the partnership with Urban Movement Lab and Los Angeles for the purpose of jointly developing the future advanced air mobility (AAM) roadmaps and the policies for the participation of the public since the year 2020. The company has currently been participating in the construction of the UAM airport along with the Urban Airport located in the Coventry, United Kingdom.

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Shin Jae-won, CEO of Supernal and head of UAM division of Hyundai Motor Group said, they are now working for a mission for the purpose of changing the way in which the society is moving, along with connecting and also living through the innovative mobility solution.