Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael Smashed Florida Panhandle, Now Moving Towards Georgia


After thundering the shores of Florida Panhandle, on Wednesday, hurricane Michael has now moved towards Georgia and Alabama. Having killed two people with its rage, this storm is said to be one of the most intense hurricanes that have ever smashed the United States. It was a Category 4 hurricane with a wind speed of 155 mph when it slammed near Mexico Beach, a place with less population amidst Panhandle.

“Potentially catastrophic” is how this hurricane Michael has been described by the National Hurricane Centre (NHC), causing wreckage throughout the coastline of Florida. Roofs were peeled, homes were scattered, trees were smashed, and power lines hampered.

The first confirmed fatality report, by the local officials, was of a man who was found dead in the northwest of Tallahassee, when a tree crashed down at his home in late afternoon. About 30 million of people were caught in its trap and forecasters predicted about the strong winds and rains to smack those areas of North and South Carolina which had already been hit by the devastating Hurricane Florence last month.

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Floridian government confirmed sheltering about 6,700 people in about 54 shelters while over 30,000 people lost electricity even before the storm’s arrival. A spate of transformer explosions and other mishaps affected power supply of nearly 388,000 homes and businesses.

The government has prepared to provide aid by supplying 3,500 of troops, 1.5 million meals and one million gallons of water to the victims.