Hurricane Florence Gets Closer To US Coast, Can Be Life-Threatening


Hurricane Florence, the most powerful storm gained power over the Atlantic Ocean, speeding quickly en route for North and South Carolinas. The residents, of both the states, are asked to take their essentials and migrate to inland till the time this hurricane subdues.

The next 48 hours are said to be the crucial one, as the officials warn it as a probable situation of “life-threatening inundation from rising water”.  There are chances of landfall on Friday in North Carolina and states of Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, have all declared an emergency.

North Carolina’s Governor, Roy Cooper, described it as a “monster”. “It’s big and it’s vicious. It is an extremely dangerous, life-threatening, historic hurricane.” He has asked US President Donald Trump to declare a federal state of emergency for his state.

“The forecast places North Carolina in the bulls-eye of Hurricane Florence, and the storm is rapidly getting stronger. When weather forecasters tell us ‘life-threatening’, we know it’s serious. We are bracing for a hard hit,” Cooper added.

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Talking about the recent updates, as per the National Hurricane Center, the hurricane is recently 670 miles south-east of the Cape Fear, in North Carolina as of 23:00 Atlantic Standard Time on Tuesday. It said, “While some weakening is expected on Thursday, Florence is forecast to be an extremely dangerous major hurricane through landfall.”