Huawei USA to Host Sessions on Innovation and 6G Technology


The company ‘Huawei Technologies USA’ is going to be leading two discussions at the annual WomenTech Global Conference, which is going to be bringing together the attendees and speakers from across the world for fostering the innovation for women in technology along with the impact and purpose.

The hybrid event has been taking place on 7th June 2022 to 10th June 2022 and is also expected for drawing 100,000 attendees, who is going to be sharing the knowledge, thought leadership and experiences.

As a part of the corporate sponsorship of the Huawei Technologies USA of the event, the company is going to be hosting two sessions. In the first session, Glenn Schloss, vice president of the Corporate Communications at the company is going to be speaking about how the culture is focused on the innovation and is a paramount for the resilience and growth in the uncertain times.

Huawei is now committed for creating the opportunities and supporting the women in STEM for the purpose of achieving its goal of building an inclusive society that is embracing the diversity. The company is also highlighted the commitment in most of the initiatives including the company’s global launch in support of the gender equality and inclusion as well as the additional actions that Huawei has now taken to prove the participation of the women and contribution to the technology industry and also the digital economy at large.

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