HSBC UK Launched 250-Million Pounds Fund For High Growth Technology Businesses


HSBC UK has launched a new Growth Lending has been offering for the high growth technology businesses in the United Kingdom, which has been followed by the call of the UK government for the additional investment in the industry last week.

The new 250 million pounds fund from the HSBC UK is going to help in supporting the high growth, loss making scale-ups previously in their growth journey and it is also providing access to finance and also the international expertise of HSBC and it is also going to help the businesses achieving their global ambitions.

The scale-ups are also favouring the value creation over the profits and the HSBC UK has also evolved the debt of the company offering to provide better support to the technology companies for innovating, growing and thriving in the United Kingdom and across the globe.

The growth lending offer is going to provide support the new strategy of the UK government, which is mainly focused on financing the digital growth for building a more inclusive, competitive and innovative digital economy in the United Kingdom. The offer is also including a commitment for improving the technology ecosystem for making sure that, the United Kingdom remains one of the best places in the world for starting and running a tech business.

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This Growth Lending is allowing the access of around 15 million pounds in financing to provide support scale-ups on their journey to another level and focusing on the IP and technology-based businesses in the cloud or software, along with health technology and fintech, and the HSBC UK has been ready for partnering with the technology businesses early in the lifecycle for providing support to their growth.