HSBC Launched Digital Platform that Revolutionizes Trade Finance


HSBC has launched HSBC Trade Solutions (HTS) to the customers in its two biggest markets, including Hong Kong and United Kingdom. Although, making trade simpler, safer, and faster for customers through integrated digital journeys, HTC will commerce, which is rapidly evolving across different ecosystems and platforms.

HTS, which is developed in partnership with CGI, the new platform allows the clients to originate and manage all their trade finance products online. The platform leverages an API-native, flexible tech-stack, and modular design that will form the backbone of HSBC’s trade offering, with supporting 800-billion dollars global trade per year.

Against a landscape of transformation through new technologies, improving resilience of supply chain and ESG imperatives, HTS will enable the bank to embrace future change faster and efficiently.

The platform has also redefined client experience through intuitive, and self-service digital interfaces that are developed using ethnography. Customers will also benefit through high degree of automation and straight through processing.

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The new HTS platform also strengthens risk management and monitoring through fully integrated AML (Anti-Money Laundering), fraud, sanctions, and credit risk controls.

Vinay Mendonca, global head of Trade Finance Products and Propositions at HSBC, said that the platform has been co-created working closely with their customers and it delivers a major step forward in terms of customer experience.