How to Use ChatGPT on iPad and iPhone with Siri


From enhancing smartphone photography to enhancing the quality of music streaming, artificial intelligence (AI) is almost everywhere and is essential to the majority of our day-to-day activities. With the introduction of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a growing number of brands are incorporating generative AI into a greater number of apps and services than ever before.

You can now enhance Siri’s capabilities by integrating ChatGPT, despite the fact that iOS and Android devices each have their own intelligent AI-powered assistants, Google Assistant and Siri. OpenAI’s ChatGPT can be used to enhance Apple’s Siri in the following manner.

First, and foremost, an iPhone or iPad is required to incorporate ChatGPT into Siri. To access ChatGPT, you must first create an account on OpenAI. While ChatGPT can be gotten to for nothing, or more rendition with added advantages is likewise accessible for $20 each month.

Go to, select ‘View API Keys’ from the ‘Personal’ option in the top right corner, and you will be able to access ChatGPT after creating an account on OpenAI. Select ‘Create New Secret Key’ from the sub-menu, then copy the key. Keep in mind that you can carry out each of these actions using a web browser.

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Now, open a web browser on your iPhone or iPad and look for Yue-Yang’s Github.

Select ‘Shortcut Download’ by selecting ‘ChatGPT-Siri’ from the menu that appears on the pinned post. Select the ‘Set Up Shortcut’ option after downloading the ‘Smart Chat 1.2 English’ version. Paste the secret ChatGPT API code into the menu that follows. The most effective method is to paste the code into a notes app like Google Keep.