How to take Screenshots on Apple Mac


For Mac users, there are many ways to take screenshots on their devices. Below are the different ways or approaches for taking a screenshot on a Mac device.

Whole Screen Capture (Command-Shift-3):

If the user wishes to take an actual snippet of what they are currently seeing on their screen, then this method can be followed. This method includes the actual window Menu Bar, or Desktop that the users have on the screen. This method is mainly used to take an image of things as they are.

Selective Screen Capture (Command-Shift-4):

If the user wants to take a screenshot of a specific area on their screen, then the Command-Shit-4 method is for them. By pressing these three keys all at once, give the user will have the chance to select where to take an image capture. The user just needs to use the trackpad or mouse to select and highlight the area. Additionally, the user can also combine the method with the options below for more adjustments.

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Customized Screen Capture (Command-Shift-5):

This is a shortcut that was made available with Mac OS Mojave, and this method of taking screenshots will give users more options for taking a screenshot. A small window will be appearing at the bottom part of the screen, providing icons for capturing a selected portion, capturing the whole screen, and also capturing a selected window.

This method also provides the opportunity to not just take a screenshot of the screen, but to select whether the user wants to record the whole screen or just a selected portion.